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Treat yourself to a spectacular spa experience with a rejuvenating facial from Oasis Hair & Nail Salon. Let our skilled cosmetologists indulge you with deep cleansing, exfoliation, and other invigorating applications.


If you're planning for your upcoming wedding, a facial can be the perfect preparation for bridal makeup, so be sure to ask about our FREE consultation on bridal services.

Renewing facials and treatments

Relax with our basic facial

When you choose our basic facial, you get an experience customized for your skin's needs, including specialized attention for dry, normal, combination, or oily skin. You receive several treatments that combine to leave you feeling totally serene with skin that is softer, smoother, and more comfortable.

You'll look and feel like new again with our rejuvenating

skin care packages.

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Oasis Hair & Nail Salon

24 S. 8th St.

Lebanon, PA

  • Deep cleansing

  • Gentle exfoliation

  • Renewing mask

  • Relaxing facial massage

Recapture youth with our anti-aging facial 

Take our basic facial to the next level with our anti-aging facial. You get everything that's part of the basic facial. Also additional treatments that erase the signs of aging.

  • Gentle muscle-manipulating cleansing

  • Pore-tightening microdermabrasion scrub

  • Muscle-toning massage

  • Moisture-renewing mask

  • Firming eye crème

  • Gentle manipulation to remove firmness and dark circles under the eyes

  • Age-fighting moisturizer with antioxidants and SPF 35 protection